What have i learnt?-reflective blog

So here we are, the last ever blog. Sat in teaching space 5 & 6 in January, this day seemed like a lifetime away, but once again, the semester has flown by in a bluster of assignments, essays, lectures, blogs and DISSERTATION. It’s also scary to think that this is the last semester as undergrads […]

The Attribution Theory: Week 7 (18/03/13)

So this week I’ve decided to focuses my blog on whether the way our work is marked affects our motivation? I came across this area of research after reading my friend Sarah’s blog…that can be found here (http://cheeseandwinetarquin.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/attribution-theory-how-our-beliefs-affect-our-motivation/) so, as the title of Sarah’s blog suggests, my motivation theory is going to be linked to […]

Blog Six- Performance Based Assessment

Here we go again! As I wrote last week, this blog entry will focus on something called ‘Performance based assessments’. I’ll start out by explaining what it is and then add in advantages and disadvantages, this will then be linked back to how using this method of assessment could better our learning and development and […]

School Uniform: Is it really necessary?

We’ve all woken up for school with the dread of putting on that itchy shirt that strangles your neck, that ugly tie that they insist you do up properly and that skirt they keep telling you to make a respectable length. I used to HATE my school uniforms (I moved around a lot, attended a […]

Blog 2- The benefits of blogging

I’ve decided to focus this week on something that is a large part of this module. Are there any benefits to blogging? Can they enable students to learn independently or are teachers using them as a ‘get out’ so they have less to teach? When blogs were introduced to us in year 2 in the […]